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Spence Inc., July 22nd, 2019

1) Planning a wedding? Here are a few must haves you need to include.

Couples can not dance at the wedding reception without music, and a DJ is a must.  No need to worry about gathering CDs or wonder about who's going to bother keeping the music going or how.  A professional DJ will have a large variety of songs that only stop for the DJ's exciting entertainment.
All that dancing and excitement will make the guest hungry.  You have to have food, but trying to take of all the 

edible preparations is a very big job. Calling a professional cater is the answer even for a small affair. Let someone else worry about all the cooking and cleaning! A wedding event planner will be happy to help you, and you will be happy they are there. An event planner will keep you on budget and help you stay well organized. A wedding planner is a must have to help you through every step and detail. A wedding planner will assist you with all the tough decisions, and you can rely on them to take away any wedding day drama with ease. You can just enjoy the big day. A professional photographer is also a big must. That perfect wedding photo is too important of a keepsake for years ahead and generations to come. The memories are too precious not to be captured and preserved forever by a professional. Don't forget to also include a photo booth at the wedding just for the fun and laughs. Silly, spontaneous photos guest can take in a photo booth, will add photos of joy and laughter to the wedding album. No wedding is complete without the flowers. Don't forget the florist! The lovely arrangements in the room make the wedding beautiful and the day magical. No bride should walk down the aisle without a bouquet.

2) Must Haves for a Sweet sixteen Party.

Her sweet sixteen is already here.  The time has gone so fast.  Now you need time and help planning a special party for the once in a lifetime birthday. 
Every party needs music, but don't be afraid to admit you do not know the right music to play for all of her young guest. A professional DJ will know what tunes the crowd will like and handle the entertainment. 
You can not get teenagers together without food.  Even preparing simple edibles that a sweet sixteen may prefer can be a hassle.  A caterer can handle everything from hamburgers and hot dogs or even pizza, to something more sophisticated if your birthday girl prefers. 
An event planner will have young ideas and help with all the details.  A sweet sixteen birthday comes only once. You want it to be something exceptional the birthday girl and all of her guest will cherish and always remember.  Let an expert handle all the details.  Make the day extra memorable for them, and worry free for you.
Your sweet sixteen and her guest may have a sweet tooth.  A Candy Buffet can be small and simple, and yet very satisfying.  A pleasing addition to the party no one will be able to resist. An Ice Cream truck outside will also be a big success and add even more fun to the party.  Imagine all the guest joyfully running out to the truck and ordering the ice cream they want from the wide variety only an ice cream truck can provide.
 A young lady should have flowers at her sweet sixteen party. Don't forget a florist! Flowers will beautify

her party and make her feel like the woman she is becoming.
For even more fun and laughs why not add an airbrush tattoo artist and a photo booth. Your party will include all the excitement of a tattoo without the long term consequences. Your sweet sixteen will have creative and silly photos to always remember her