Blizzard's Adventure

October 27th, 2009

"Snowball! Snowball!" Blizzard meows as he runs into the bedroom and jumps on the bed, right on top of poor Snowball.

"Go away kitten." Snowball hisses sleepilly .

"I want to play." Blizzard insist as he grabs Snowball's neck and starts playfully wrestlling with her from one end of the bed to the other.

"Leave me alone." Snowball hisses again as she runs under the bed to hide from Blizzard's idea of fun.

"Goofy cats! I just made that bed." It was Cindy. She doesn't have a lot of fur like Blizzard or Snowball. She lacks pointy ears, whiskers, and a tail. She even walks on only two legs. 'Physically challenged' Snowball always insisted. Cindy does take care of Blizzard and Snowball just as they trained her, and Blizzard likes her however.

"Are you picking on poor old Snowy again Big Guy?" Cindy asks as she picks up Blizzard and heads out of the room. Blizzard starts purring and hears Snowball call him a 'loyal puppy' as she lays back down on the bed. Snowball is just a typical feline old lady, insisting that 'mush' is for dogs. Blizzard is his own cat however. Cindy has a soothing, gentle touch. It makes him feel good, so he purrs. What was wrong with that?

"Snowball! Snowball!" Two weeks later Blizzard once again comes running into the bedroom. This time his meows are not playful. When he doesn't pounce on Snowball she knows that something is wrong. "Cindy is putting a lot of things in boxes." Blizzard states as he begins grooming Snowball's face. "She's crying. She said something about 'store closing' and hopefully getting a 'transfer'. What's happening Snowy?"

"Don't worry about it." Snowball anwers as she starts grooming Blizzard in return. "Humans make no sense. Look how she just sits there watching that 't.v.' box. She also spends a lot of time doing nothing in front of that other box she calls a 'computer'. People are silly. What's with that thing she talks to called a 'phone'? I've watched it, and even sneaked a whiff. It has no purpose or smell. If it didn't make that ringing noise once in awhile, I would say it wasn't even alive. Very STRANGE."

"It sure got me angry that one day I was sleeping by it and it started that ringing."

"I never saw you jump so high! It made a scardy cat out of you!" Snowball laughs.

"Nonsense!" Blizzard boldly states. "I showed it, by knocking it off the desk and killing it. Don't you remember how it lay there on the floor in half, making that horrible noise? Then it went dead."

"But then Cindy came home and picked it up, and now it rings again." Snowball reminds, crushing Blizzard's pride.

"How come she asked us what happened, like we were really going to answer her?" Blizzard wonders.

"That's my point Kid." Snowball explains, getting back to the original question, so she could hopefully get back to sleep. Snowball didn't like trying to function on less then 23 hours of sleep a day. "Cindy's only human, and people are goofy. They just were not blessed with brains like us. As long as Cindy does as we taught her, why worry?"

A few days later everything is in boxes. A number of people come to the house. Just as Blizzard is in the middle of his hello sniffs, Cindy puts him and Snowball in their travelling cages. Blizzard really starts to worry. Where were they going? Did he and Snowball do something wrong? Why are the people taking all the boxes? Soon a real big person Cindy called 'Dad' picks up Snowball in her cage and starts taking her away. Blizzard could hear Snowball's frightened meows getting further and further away. "Oh Snowball", Blizzard crys. "I'll never pounce on you, or pull on your ears again. I promise not to steal your food or disturb your sleep anymore. I'll even stop knocking over Cindy's glasses of water and cups of tea no matter how fun it is." Blizzard never felt so bad in his whole life. Just then Blizzard is picked up in his cage.

"Snowball! Snowball!" A week later Blizzard runs into the bedroom of his new apartment. He pounces on Snowball excitedly, "Cindy said something about celebrating the raise she got along with her transfer, whatever that means." "Who cares?" Snowball answers cooly.

Cindy cheerfully jaunts in the room and picks up both of her cats in her arms. Blizzard hears purring, but it isn't his. "Loyal puppy!" He teases Snowball.