America Finds Courage.

October 26th, 2009

Like most Americans I am still appalled, shocked, and scared over the tragic events of September 11, 2001. Then I consider what past Americans would think and feel. It gives me some hope and pride. The anger on George Washington's face would make his strong chin even firmer. There would be concern in his heart for all the victoms. He would have great respect and admiration for those who helped so bravely and unselfishly. Mr Washington and his men made great sacrifices, faced death, and yet overcame tremendous odds for the sake of freedom. That same determination would be in his eyes on that terrible day over 200 years later.

I imagine Abraham Lincoln sitting with his large hands covering his tear streaked face . No stranger to horrible pain and suffering, yet he does not understand this unprovoked attack of September 11, 2001 at all. So many casualties: all the couragous public assistants, innocent workers and bystanders, not to mention the loved ones left behind. Mr Lincoln would then lift his head in pride knowing our country was not kept down long. We now have deep respect for our policeman, fireman, and soldiers. We appreciate our freedom even more than ever.

I picture Franklin Roosevelt sitting boldly in his wheel chair, hoping to give strength and encouragement. Mr Roosevelt and the United States have faced a similar evil, and triumphed. He would again tell us not to let fear take over.

The Kennedy Brothers would be right there at ground zero trying to help. The wind blowing through President Kennedy's thick hair as he rolls up his sleeves. Attorney General Robert Kennedy's bright, warm smile missing, but his will and energy strong. America has courage ... then, now, and always