Fourth Of July

July 9th, 2018 20:29 by Jeanna Gray


As we enjoy our BBQs and fireworks on this Fourth of July we should stop and remember what this holiday is really all about. Brave soldiers battled a much bigger and stronger British Army for our freedom . These young men were homesick, discouraged and scared. They felt like they were the only ones who cared, when everyone in the Colonies was suffering because of King George's tyranny. The American soldiers had no food or water. They marched in harsh snow with no shoes and thread bare clothing. They still refused to give up. They even re-enlisted and courageously continued to fight with George Washington. The Fourth of July is exciting history - not just sales at the stores or going to the beach. Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and all rest who gathered in Philadelphia in 1776 were gallant heroes. They were in peril of being hung for treason for simply discussing Independence. Picking up that pen and signing that Declaration was a big risk that took an awful lot of nerve. The pressure and tension in that small room on that hot summer day must have been unbearable.

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